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Split runner assembly process


Assembly process of hot runner plate:
(1) the runner is plugged into the hot runner plate 10, looking for the right direction after loading the stop pin 2 anti turn, and then using the pressing screw 3 to clamp the plug, and use O type metal sealing ring to prevent melt leakage.
(2) 1 and 15 of the gate nozzle are arranged in the fixed mold plate 14, and the height of the nozzle assembly plane is determined by a fixed template plane.
(3) try to install the hot runner plate, check the hot runner plate and check the pin 2 radial and axial whether there is a need for the gap A and B.
(4) by bolt plate frame 12 is fixed on the fixed plate 14.
(5) to plate frame 12 on the plane as a benchmark, repair all the compression ring 6 the highly consistent, and the plane of the plate frame space C.
(6) the main channel nozzle 9 is screwed into the hot runner plate 10
(7) fastening fixed plate.
Melt leakage is a common failure and failure mode of hot runner mold. Improper operation, sealing design and assembly process are the direct causes of the leakage of the melt. Therefore, in the operation should be strictly according to the set of process parameters operation, always pay attention to changes in process parameters, the necessary technical training to operators, so that set of posts. In the design, the correct choice of the heat flow channel plate seal form, and accurate calculation of thermal expansion. In the assembly, the assembly accuracy of the key parts is accurately tested, and the assembly of the assembly is strictly according to the set. Although the hot runner mold leakage of a variety of reasons, but as long as the operation, design, parts processing and mold assembly process in strict accordance with the design specification, melt leakage problem is completely avoidable.