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Green Thai hot runner design of six factors in the shunt


 1 mechanical strength
On the hot runner system of the system is the most basic one is that it must have sufficient mechanical strength to withstand the huge volume of plastic solution from the channel. It can not be too thin and too thin to affect the mechanical strength, too thick, too thick, so that the hot runner plate volume weight is too large, and the mold height also increases.
   2 corrosion resistance and wear resistance and hardness
Hot runner plate also should be sufficient resistance to corrosion resistance. Some plastics such as PVC in the process of its contact with the mold parts has a strong corrosive. In the design of the split plate also should be given. In addition to the need for a large number of glass fiber reinforced plastic mold parts including the split plate has great wear. Heat flow way with the temperature is consistent with the plastic processing temperature.
3 runner
Hot runner system design is to ensure that the hot runner system has reasonable plastic pressure loss, reasonable shear rate and shear stress, to reduce the residence time of plastic in the hot runner system, and reasonable to reduce the residence time in the hot runner system, and reasonable to reduce the residence time and fast color temperature rise in the hot runner system, the DRILL GUN method can only be used in this method. In the dead time, the solution of the dead time is too long and the thermal decomposition of the solution is too long, resulting in poor quality products.
Another way is to make the use of the method of cutting machine. The split plate is made up of two pieces of steel, the first use of the milling method in two pieces of steel, and then the upper and lower two half of the plate through special welding or other mechanical method. The advantages of this kind of shunt plate can be made into arbitrary shape and is not limited to the form of direct flow, and no flow dead.
4 split plate size
In a hot runner system such as the use of a large size of the whole of the diversion plate, it should be considered the use of combination type hot runner plate structure.
5 temperature
Uniform temperature distribution on the hot runner system is one of the keys to guarantee has been successfully used in hot runner technology. In the area of contact with the mould of hot flow path will be a heat loss results in the decrease of local temperature, and so on the shunt board layout element to consider when. Heat loss in large parts of the heating element will focus on some. If you put a element is too long, it should put a few shorter heating element will shunt plate is divided into several regions respectively for temperature control. Temperature measurement shall be placed in each area of the thermocouple, form a closed loop control. So the user can according to need to adjust the temperature setting of the different area, can be conducive to expanding the scope of the processing parameters. The layout of the heating element should follow the passage shape, keep heating element with everywhere have equal distance runner, in favor of the whole flow evenly heating. Heating element should not across port, local hot spots to avoid damage the plastic melt. The thermocouple measurements are close to port, the closer distance, the more easily
Heating elements should be reliable and durable, if there is an accident to be easy to replace. Heating element should be sufficient power. In general, each cubic centimeter of the split plate volume to 2-3 watts of heating power. The heating power supply voltage of the majority of hot runner system is 230 V, and also useful low V (such as 24 V) heating system.
6 thermal expansion factor
The heat flow channel is expanded in all directions after heating, and the size of other die parts is changed. The thermal expansion of the plate is decided by the tool steel material type, plastic processing temperature and mould temperature. Many hot runner system is used to avoid plastic solution overflow.