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Where are the advantages of hot runner and cold flow passage?


Personally think that the main or to look at the production and product requirements to determine whether it is to make the hot runner; a hot runner to see its structure, the average of ten thousand to two hundred thousand or so; simple domestic is relatively cheap; below is the characteristics of hot runner, for your reference!
Reduce how much cost can be calculated according to their own
Mould advantages:
Hot runner mold in today's world of industrial developed countries and regions have been very widely used. This is mainly due to the hot runner mold has the following characteristics:
1, shorten the molding cycle.
Because there is no limit to the cooling time of the runner system, the product can be produced in a timely manner. Many of the thin wall parts with hot runner mold production cycle can be in 5 seconds.
2, saving plastic raw materials
In the pure hot runner mold in the cold runner, so no production costs. This is especially important for the application of plastic price expensive project. In fact, the world's major hot runner manufacturers are in the world oil and plastic raw material prices are expensive in the rapid development of the. Because hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce the cost of material and reduce the material cost.
3, reduce waste, improve product quality
In the hot runner mold molding process, the plastic melt temperature in the flow passage system to obtain accurate control. Plastic can be more uniform in the same state flow into the mold cavity, the result is the quality of the same parts. The runner molding of the hot runner is good, the residual stress is low, the deformation is small. So many high quality products are produced by hot runner mold. As people familiar with the MOTOROLA mobile phone, HP printer, DELL notebook computer in many plastic parts are made of hot runner mold.
4, eliminate the follow-up process, is conducive to the production automation.
After the hot runner mold is finished, there is no need to trim the gate and the process of recycling and processing cold runner. Is conducive to production automation. Many foreign products manufacturers will heat flow path and automatic combination to greatly improve the production efficiency.
5. To expand the application of injection molding process over Wai
Many advanced plastic forming processes are developed on the basis of hot runner technology. Such as PET pre molding production, in the mold of the multi - color, a variety of material co injection process, MOLD STACK, etc..
Mould defect:
Although compared with cold runner mold, hot runner mold has many outstanding advantages, but it also needs to know the disadvantages of hot runner mold. To sum up, there are the following points.
1, die cost rise
Hot runner component prices are more expensive, hot runner mold costs may be significantly increased. If the parts production is small, the cost of tooling is higher, and the economic cost is not the same. For many developing countries die and mould, hot runner system is one of the main problems that affect the wide use of hot runner mold.
2, hot runner mold manufacturing process equipment requirements
Hot runner mold needs precise machining for guarantee. Hot runner system and mold of the integration and coordination requirements is very strict, or die in the production process will appear a lot of serious problems. Such as plastic seal is not good lead to the damage of the plastic overflow heat flow passage components, the production of the nozzle insert and the relative position of the gate is not good lead to a serious decline in the quality of products, etc..
3, operation and maintenance complex
Compared with the cold runner mold, hot runner mold operation and maintenance complex. Such as the use of improper operation is extremely easy to damage the hot runner parts, so that production can not be carried out, resulting in huge economic losses. For new users of hot runner mold, a long time to accumulate experience.


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