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Suzhou Geruntai Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd.  -- the answer to your problem hotrunner wisdom partners
Professional - Fast - trustworthy
Different from the traditional mold, in thermal plastic polymer material processing using hot runner mold can avoid the stub generation. This eliminates all kinds of post processing, and can realize the production automation and reduce the cost of raw material loss. Hot runner technology also ensures the highest quality of products. Because the melt into the mold cavity before always in the best position to maintain its liquidity.
Suzhou Geruntai Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd.  hot runner team and cooperation with customers through the use of the latest simulation technology, the continuous development of perfect products and solutions. Rich theoretical and practical experience, we can work together with every customer, in close cooperation with each customer, we use the hot runner expert knowledge and practical experience, and put forward the best solution for the application of each product. Application technology, R & D, mold center, mold design, production, can provide customers with a full set of service and technical support, from product design, pricing, to the final test machine and production, we can provide the most fast time in the hot half and hot runner system is the most perfect service.
We provide each hot runner system with complete data and test records, with a comprehensive maintenance manual.
Of course, we will also help customers to choose the appropriate control technology and its application.
Suzhou Geruntai Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd.  in hot runner and standard component of long-term accumulation of experience makes our company become one of the scheme is the most ideal partner provide solutions for hot runner system.
Summarize the advantages you can get:
Intelligent hot runner solution
Using simulation process
Solution for special custom parts
Full support for instrument control
A quick and complete answer to the design scheme of the hot runner system
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